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Selene Shepard

Apparently the remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy is soon upon us. So I want to publish some ‘source data’ for my Commander, Selene C. Shepard just to immortalize her a bit.

Mass EffectMass Effect 3

selene shepard me1

selene shepard me3

Name: Selene Shepard
Biography: ruthless spacer
Class: vanguard
Alignment: neutral, slightly more paragon than renegade

Her canon: (Important things about her biography)

  • Kaidan and Wrex die on Virmire

    • Wrex’s stubbornness and death lead to a general distrust for Krogans

  • Rachni Queen is saved

  • Balak is turned to the Alliance

  • One teammate is lost in the suicide mission (probably Jacob; Jack in my first playthrough)

    • For some sense of loss like in ME1

  • Collector base is destroyed

  • Genophage is sabotaged, Mordin is saved

  • Red or blue ending, never green or ‘do nothing’

Things that should be promoted to canon but they contradict some of my playthoughs:

  • Udina named councillor

    • To save Anderson from the job he doesn’t want and, frankly, Udina is not that asshole he seems on the first playthrough (except ME3)

  • Jacob dies

  • Quarians are saved, Geth are destroyed

  • Red ending with survival

Table 1. Face codes

Version 1 (2012): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FGI.6HD.87C.FE7.667.424

selene v1 me2

selene v1 me3

Version 2 (2020): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FG7.6CD.87C.FE7.667.324

selene v2 me2

selene v2 me3

Version 2 alternative (2020): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FG7.6CD.87C.FE9.267.324

selene v2alt me2

selene v2alt me3

Alternative of version 2 was created for the last replay of ME3 to show some changes due to civilian life.


New blog ready

Almost a year ago I scrapped my WordPress and started moving my blog to Pelican, and now it’s finally ready. Blog has been transferred and a new template has been developed, Tumblr inspired, UIkit powered, hand crafted, with dark mode using prefers-color-scheme: dark. Right for the next Christmas.


Am I completely lost to society?



require 'date'

puts "Enter your birthdate (YYYY-MM-DD):"
birth = Date.parse(gets, true)
today =
age   = today-birth # in days

min_age = (2 * (age - 7 * 365.25)).round
max_age = (age/2 + 7 * 365.25).round

min_birth = - min_age
max_birth = - max_age

puts "Your age pool is #{min_birth.to_s} - #{max_birth.to_s}"

puts "You're too young ^__^" if min_birth > max_birth



I wrote my first ever blog post on October 10, 2006. Let this blog start with this date too.