Vulpo One

The Turing Option

For the smallest instant the image on the screen stilled, the lips did not move. This was the first indication that Mura was actually speaking in Japanese, his words swiftly translated into English — while the movement of his face and lips were simulated by the computer to match the words.

—Harry Harrison, Marvin Minsky. The Turing Option. 1992


Selene Shepard

Apparently the remaster of the original Mass Effect trilogy is soon upon us. So I want to publish some ‘source data’ for my Commander, Selene C. Shepard just to immortalize her a bit.

Mass Effect Mass Effect 3

selene shepard me1

selene shepard me3

Name: Selene Shepard
Biography: ruthless spacer
Class: vanguard
Alignment: neutral, slightly more paragon than renegade

Her canon: (Important things about her biography)

  • Kaidan and Wrex die on Virmire

    • Wrex’s stubbornness and death lead to a general distrust for Krogans

  • Rachni Queen is saved

  • Balak is turned to the Alliance

  • One teammate is lost in the suicide mission (probably Jacob; Jack in my first playthrough)

    • For some sense of loss like in ME1

  • Collector base is destroyed

  • Genophage is sabotaged, Mordin is saved

  • Red or blue ending, never green or ‘do nothing’

Things that should be promoted to canon but they contradict some of my playthoughs:

  • Udina named councillor

    • To save Anderson from the job he doesn’t want and, frankly, Udina is not that asshole he seems on the first playthrough (except ME3)

  • Jacob dies

  • Quarians are saved, Geth are destroyed

  • Red ending with survival

Table 1. Face codes

Version 1 (2012): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FGI.6HD.87C.FE7.667.424

selene v1 me2

selene v1 me3

Version 2 (2020): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FG7.6CD.87C.FE7.667.324

selene v2 me2

selene v2 me3

Version 2 alternative (2020): 541.BFE.HL8.F7H.BMK.IBD.FG7.6CD.87C.FE9.267.324

selene v2alt me2

selene v2alt me3

Alternative of version 2 was created for the last replay of ME3 to show some changes due to civilian life.