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A nice Star Trek Online easter egg for Russian speakers: Tholian Tarantula-class Dreadnought named Zlo’Pauk


The name Zlo’Pauk is an in-game joke, meaning “evil spider” in Slavic languages and Tholians are associated with arachinds.

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Nyan Stray

Just not to lose this video again :)

Almost Monkey Patching in С++

include <string>

std::string operator*(std::string& s, unsigned int n)
    std::string cml;

    cml.reserve(s.size() * n);

    for (decltype(n) i = 0; i < n; i++) {
        cml += s;

    return cml;

int main()
    std::string s   = "test";
    std::string sss = s*3;

    std::cout << sss << std::endl; // testtesttest

Coaches Are Coming?

Just driving around in Duisburg


Whoops! An unvisited piece on the visited road! Something’s changed!


Let’s see


A bus stop? Coaches are coming? I can’t wait!


I guess more info will be here some day:

My Scars

my scars

(source unknown)